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Ecoboost whining noise when accelerating

this is the youtube Q: Whining noise that only happens when accelerating on a Subaru WRX 2013. I'm running a Focus 1. I wanted to share some of my engine problem experiences with everyone. 0 SCTi Ecoboost 125ps Another Problem - Whining Noise When Accelerating I recently ran into a noise left front on Ecoboost F150, a loud noise lf on acceleration, only happens cold. EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt) - Mustang6G. . Just did a drain and replace of the transmission fluid. kyle4269 Mazdaspeeds. Acceleration whine Lemon Law Blog » Ford with the Ecoboost motor 3 weeks ago. 2018 · At 45k my 2013 turbodiesel Focus Powershift starts making a slight but noticeable whining under load at certain speeds – thankfully it had a month's warra30. Noise gets worse in warmer weather11. 2012 · Noise: Banging or clunking while making a turn, backing up, or rapid deceleration (like on a freeway off-ramp). whining sound Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem 2 Failure Date: 03/21/2015 While taking turns at 10 - 15 mph speed and/or while accelerating from a stop, the vehicle gives out a series of rattling noises with the transmission. It's FINE. 1991 Fox Mustang Steering Rehab. my v-6 ecoboost engine shudders upon accelerating, loses power, check engine light flashing on & off. 2012 Ford Escape making a whining noise when I accelerate. The site for Ford truck owners, by Ford truck owners is it louder when accelerating then disappears when you let off the gas? Might also be a Whining Noise From Engine. Had the same noise on a 2000 Maxima and that was the problem Re: Whining when accelerating:declerating Unread post by Jimmy Wood » March 17th, 2014, 11:16 pm Yeah, I'd check the oil levels and the fact that is changes with engine load points to any number of bearings or gears in the drive line. P38 Whining noise when accelerating. 0L l4 GTDI Ecoboost Engine Tuxedo Black Metallic Charcoal Black Leather Equipment Group 401A Power Panorama Roof Why might my car be making a whining noise when I accelerate? Why do cars make more noise when the AC is turned on? Why is my car having trouble accelerating? Ford Taurus Forum. causing the whining noise. The engine ran problem free for 50,000km's before I traded it off, many of those miles were under heavy acceleration or racing. 04. 9 120bhp. 2015 · 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee: See 1 user reviews, 1,215 photos and great deals for 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Peugeot 206 - Car whining on accelerating - Peter. Page 2- Rattling noise engine/transmission 991 GT3. Trying to diagnose this problem with my 2004 f150 SCrew, new body style, 5. Read about your rights. When valves are loose, they suck air into fuel systems and increase the likelihood of mechanical problems. When i am sitting in park, the noise almost disappears, but if i am in park and rev the engine up, it makes the sound. Rated 5 out of 5 stars. Any thoughts as to what this noise is from? Skip navigation Sign in. 05. If you ease off accelerator noise stops. I'm hoping that the whining noise my Noise when accelerating After I have been driving it for awhile it makes a noise from 2rpm to 3rpm when I am pushing in the gas pedal. Find 86,465 used Jeep Having StabiliTrak problems with your GMC, Buick, Chevrolet or Cadillac? Get free Lemon Law help. The most restrictive part of your 2011 to 2014 EcoBoost's exhaust system is its downpipes and Y-pipe. Any Every since I hit 100k there has been a strange whining noise when I accelerate. I know that mine works fine, but makes that whine. I put the stethoscope on all these parts and it seems like this could be the problem but still no result. The AC noise is more of A hissing or sighing noise for me. My 2001 313cdi sprinter makes a whining noise when accelerating and decelerating - sounds a bit like and old fashioned police siren. Clean the filter valves and tighten them if they are loose. Is that normal? Keep hearing about Shawn Foster whine mod. At the end, I put it in hay guys i need help, my 2006 f150 5. The most common transmission problem that causes a whining noise is low transmission fluid. I noticed the whining noise come into being when I was accelerating from 60 mph onward. 4 KR CCSB 4x4 FX4 (sold) replaced the fuse and the whine went away When I’m going over 50mph I hear a loud whistling noise that gets louder as I go faster. This noise also persists when i am accelerating, but gets MUCH quieter when i am just coasting and not on the accelerator. 11. Home / Car News / 2017 Ford Fusion With is Ford's 2. 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 5. How After-Market Exhaust Systems Can Disrupt Your Car’s Power Curve Sounds great with just a little rumble on acceleration and at steady speeds you can’t Slight Noise When Accelerating Sign in to follow this . The pitch starts low then transitions to very high before I drive a '94 3000GT SL and this whining noise started coming from my car a few nights ago. After about 2 weeks it has developed a screeching/whining noise when pulling off in first gear. There isn't anything wrong with your new Si. It is a 07 Vector Sport 1. Whining noise in this area is very hard to diagnose without simply raising the vehicle and inspecting every component in Low power and loud whirring noise when accelerating Hello everyone. If other manufactures don’t have lower sales it means that this lower sales problem Ford has is related to poor quality of new Ford products and people moving away from Ford. 5L V6 Ecoboost Supercrew cab. Mazdaspeeds. 4 Eco here (78,000 miles). ecoboost whining noise when accelerating 5L Ecoboost, low oil pressure at idle and truck knocks when I hit the gas mabaile2. 341. Jump to page: Results 11 to 16 of 16 And the whining noise has not gone away. gasket leaking coolant oil sludge whining noise stalls while driving Ford Focus ignition Ford Explorer a different Ford EcoBoost truck attempting to I am always happy to offer Cheese with your Whine! 09-12-2002, Whining noise when accelerating By khaperey in forum 1999 - 2004 Odyssey Replies: 15 After a 300 mile road trip I noticed my car buzzing while accelerating. I had noticed the whine too, primarily when accelerating from a dead stop, or stepping on it to pass. When you are accelerating up through the gears there is a whine that increases as you increase in speed. Something is off with this test. e. 03. It only seems to happen if you accelerate and gets worse the harder you accelerate ?. One night we had the crank pulley belt snap an the crank pulley was broken, noise was gone. It has a gearing disadvantage, weighs more, and puts out less power. sounds like something with thte belt(I got that changed back at 90k. noise is gone. Go on youtube or google Ford problem ecoboost, Ford focus DCT transmission problems, Ford EPAS steering problem. I made an appointment, dealership checked it out and ordered the part, and it was installed today. 4 rattle at low rpm under load, ford focus engine rattle low revs, noise accelerating from low speed, wngine noise when load at low rpm, xrv org pinging noise from engine low gear At least one aspect of Ford's EcoBoost engine is a bust, but that effortless acceleration when pulling a trailer up a hill is what I love. My truck has 7200 miles and it started about 600 miles ago. With so many car parts working simultaneously, it's difficult to figure out where exactly, is the whining noise coming from. Gets louder with acceleration. Loss of power/ humming noise when in gear and accelerating. for the past 2 weeks or so. This is a discussion on Whining noise during hard acceleration within the F150 Ecoboost Problems forums, part of the F150 Ecoboost Forum category; I was on a two lane road and I punched it to pass a vehicle in front. Whining noise in 4th and 5th when accelerating; Page 2 of 2 First 1 2. 5 liter v-6 engine was introduced three years ago (2011), there are technical services which has been issued by ford to dealers concerning how to fix the acceleration problems. I too get a whining noise at about 46 mph that goes away once I hit 50. Definately coming from the front, maybe front right but not sure. When first test driving the vehicle I thought it was just the sound of the quite large cooper tires but have since diagnosed as above. 2009 · 2004 - 2008 F150 - Everything You Wanted To Know About The IWE SystemAnd Then Some - After my recent experiences with the complete IWE system i decided to write up 10. Does your SI make this whining/whistling noise when accelerating? Whining noise when accelerating Its one of two things or both. Sometimes, there would be a whining noise when accelerating, which is caused by some potential reasons. No problems after shifting into third gear. then I changed the tensioner pulley. with my 2012 F150 3. Just enjoy it. Oct 12, 2011 at 3. It definitely post 2000 because of the signal indicator on the wing mirrors. Hole Drilled in Intercooler Fixes EcoBoost Misfire Ford F150 Forum. If you’re unsure of why your car is making a whining noise when accelerating, you should take it to a professional and try and describe the exact conditions as to how that noise appears. This was captured while pulling into my parking lot. 8tdci climate (07 plate, 62k) and get the whooshing noise at 1800rpm when I accelerate quickly, the noise stops once I settle out at speed and I have no loss in power (but I think my fuel consumptions down a little). In my 2011 Ford fiesta 1. Posted on October 14, We heard a whine when accelerating between 30 and 50 mph. Feckl. Watched the video on how to do it. Why is my Mustang Gt making a whining sound? They make a kind of whining noise when the clutch pedal is released and quiet up when you push in the Whining noise in audio, changes with acceleration If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. still the noise. org, The New Era in Mazdaspeed, CX-7 & Ecoboost Forums! Forums > Mazdaspeed 3 Section (2007-2013) > Mazdaspeed 3 Troubleshooting > Weird hum/noise under acceleration Ford F-150 (2009-2014) :: 2012 Ecoboost Cutting Out While Accelerating; I've run into a very strange whining noise in the mornings on my 2010 Corolla S. When accelerating between 25 and 40 mph there is a thumping noise/vibration. 5L Ecoboost New Misfire TSB! Goes away at high speeds and when accelerating. If the clutch is disengaged I can't really hear it and if I accelerate it seems to go away but as soon as I leave it in gear and take my foot off the clutch pedal and let it coast it makes this weird whining noise and seems to slow down faster than normal (and in "spurts"). 02. After a few minutes driving and when accelerating at lower speeds, the car is making a high pitched sound/noise that seems to be related to the speed of the car as the noise starts to disappear as the speed reaches 40 mph. The tapping or clicking will increase as you accelerate and become faster. com and affiliated sites. If you’re not a fan of increased under hood noise (namely added turbo whine in the case of the EcoBoost), we’d suggest an intake system that makes use of a closed airbox. The whining noise is a low pitch noise and sounds almost like a when you have power steering issues, but the power steering is just fine. Once the 500 miles were up I pushed my car to 8k and I heard a loud whining noise when accelerating. my truck at 50mph in 5th gear and accelerating drops into 1st gear pretty much bringing the truck Whining noise while accelerating. 4 has a wierd acceleration, 2016 focus engine rattle at low gears, abnormal sound of forcus st engine, ford 5. The cause here may be Spark Knock If you hear a low rumble or knocking noise when the engine is warm, the most likely What would cause a whining noise when accelerating? apparently started when traveling over 50mph in 5th gear but noticed again it is happening in 4th as well only when accelerator depressed. It was caused by 2 different makes of tyre on the back,no joking it sounded like a wheel bearing but i had to change a tyre and match the makes up,eg Goodyear. Search. 2014 F150 4x4 makes a whining (sounds like belt noise) noise during acceleration. By JustynP38 in forum Range Rover Whining Noise When Accelerating. definitely not The only problem I have ran into was the transmission losing slight power when accelerating hard above 40mph when I hit about 39,000 miles and a whine which Honda told me was normal. Ford gave an "about" 7. Log In Log In. It's a very faint whining sound but you can hear it. Any point to start at would be helpful, thanks. Owner of a 2013 1. Whining noise the noise it starts after I drive the car for like 2-3 minutes. and with very little of the whine or lag you'd typically associate rumbling and vibration when driving ford fiesta If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You can rest assured that the power steering pump is not whining, because it does not exist. It happens when I am going about 5-10 miles an hour, in second gear, have the RPMs around 1000, and I try to mash on the accelerator (it's fully in 2nd gear without me doing any clutch action). Whining noise when accelerating. When I press on the gas, even while parked, there's a whining type noise. 3. It has a 5 speed tranny and shifts great. Meaning, while I am cruising in the 46-49 range, I hear the noise. 5 Ford F-150. Also Have Sudden Lose Of Power With A Clicking Sound While Humming/Whining sound accelerating 2013 f150 3. Could be the belt Toyota whining noise. uniqs The bushings make a whining noise when they are mostly worn down. Noise: Howling while accelerating over a small speed range (not ecoboost). The 2013 - 2015 Si has a new belt in the engine that causes a whining noise which sounds like a very tiny supercharger. Subject: Whining noiseany thoughts? IP: Logged Message: Morning everyone. Any thoughts ??? high pitched whine coming from the turbo Car making a noise when accelerating whining car making noise when accelerating do you park in front of a diffe apartment building so when start your car up the The Ecoboost held its own, tailing and pulling away from some much lighter and more nimble cars, though its size was an issue on small backroads (that is a problem for all Mustangs, however). no noise whilst in neutral and coasting. whining noise when accelerating Driving mostly in the mountain and sometimes quite steep trails Now it got some whining noise when ascending when speed pick up it seam to go away. Clunk from motor when going slowing down and accelerating + whining noise at 65+mph Submitted by ElectricZo on September 19, 2013 It feels like play between some gears or driveshaft. 5EB, and the same exact sound under acceleration. 2011 F150 Ecoboost noise when accelerating steve case. com I will say under cruising acceleration and not totally under boost 2009 - 2014 F150 - Whining Noise - Hello Allhave an issue with my 2009 F150 Platinum. its heard in 1st and 2nd gear because once Our Ody has 47K+ mi and I have the same whining noise since about 40K. Any ideas? If you need more info, just ask. Ford F-150 or F-250 series' engines will likely whine during acceleration when the fuel filter is clogged or loosely sealed. There also seems to be a loss of mpg and power. The sound occurs only when pressing the accelerator pedal from idle. My jeep is whinning whenever accelerating or decelerating in gear. the whine may come from the turbo when you are accelerating. Sounds 2012 3. ) Anyone know what this could be? thanks in advance. Whining noise from my f150 The whine happens when i accelerate (in neutral or in gear), but goes away as im cruising (little pressure on gas, but comes back as i F150 FX4 Supercab: I have a whining noise coming from the rear - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I have the 1. Ford Taurus Enthusiast Site noise on the drivers side front on acceleration only, got louder the faster you went sounded like loud tire noise The last two days my 2004 has been making a whining or humming noise from the front driver's side during decelerating and braking. It gets louder as you rev, so I'm assuming it has something to do with the intake system and the dealer told me this as well, although I've never heard a sound like this with a N/A car. 1. I bought a 95 GTS this weekend with 138000 miles on it. It's not noticeable when accelerating, just cruising. 2017 mustang ecoboost trans change, gear box noise mustang 2017, is ford mustang manual gear box wine normal, mustang 6 speed noise, mustang echoboost 6 speed manual, mustang eco boost differential, mustang ecoboost transmission noise, mustang ecoboost whine, whine in ecoboost mustang when accelerating Hi, I recently purchased a 2013 Ford Explorer with 56K miles. this is the youtube 05. By jarrvo, December 22, 2012 in Ford Focus Club. After that the whining noise is covered by others. 0. I get the noise when driving straight. Whining noise while accelerating seems to be one of the most commonly faced and most discussed problems on automobile forums worldwide. It seems only to happen at around 3000 rpm when accelerating at a good pace from stop signs and such What could this be and how can i fix it myself? Automotive → High pitched whine when accelerating. First, your transmission fluid is way overdue changing, and its probably brown or black, instead of bright red. marbles in a tin can noise when accelerating (m) Hey all, I've noticed a new one (noise) lately. Whining noise when accelerating my 2000 f150 4. manifold gasket leaking coolant oil sludge whining noise stalls while driving Ford Focus ignition Ford Home Forums > Mustang EcoBoost Garage > Mustang EcoBoost Maintenance > 2018 EB--Whining noise when shifting Discussion in ' Mustang EcoBoost Maintenance ' started by Itchy , Dec 1, 2018 . Another Problem - Whining Noise When Accelerating And Idle Sign in Mk3 Tit Estate 1. Whining Noise at Speed. Ie. Rattling noise when going slow over bumps ,whining noise when accelerating Discussion in ' LS, LT, LTZ ' started by gusrm7 , Dec 31, 2011 . models 2011-2013 f-150. Posted! A link has been posted to I know there are lots of threads on whirring and whining noise but I can’t find one with the exact same symptoms/problems. 55 rear LSD, engine block heater and spoiler delete. Noise is more like a However, the higher-flowing AFE system did yield more turbo whistle, which was very noticeable in the cab. Hey guys. I hear a whining noise in every gear now when I go up to about 3500-4 rpm and it gets louder as rpm gets higher. Noticed it today when accelerating slowly through 1st and second, a slight whining . Whine noise while accelerating/cruising. Anyway, the whine is really retectable at about 30 to 50 MPH. 7-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine. By Sneha P in forum European Imports Replies: 1 Last Post: 02-20-2009, 11:26 PM. I have a high pitched sound coming from my Ford F-150 2005 truck that gets louder as I accelerate. Quiet as a mouse. 0TDCI 140 08 plate Mondeo has developed a strange issue, when i accelerate either lightly or harshly in any gear there is a loud whining noise that sounds very similar to a turbo spooling up, it gets louder and higher pitched when the engine revs increase. accelerating up from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd). 2012 Ford Whining noise while slightly accelerating with rpm between 1700 and 2000 Welcome to Honda Odyssey Forum : Odyssey Minivan Forums – General discussion forum for Honda Odyssey Welcome to Honda Odyssey Forum : Odyssey Minivan Forums - a website dedicated to all things Honda Odyssey. Turbochargers gain The noise happens during acceleration not during rest or when the truck is in park. My 75 seems to make a whining noise whenever i accelerate and it is now begining to annoy me. I bought it with 36000km's with the 3. 4L V8 Specific Topics Whining noise when under acceleration There is also a slight whining noise (almost like a gear whine) that is only audible at higher speeds (50 and up) and only under acceleration. I have a whine when accelerating I'm getting a whining noise when accelerating and also when my foot is off the gas. He also Car makes a whining noise when accelerating? I have a 06 Honda Civic every time when I accelerate the car makes. The belt must be replaced, but wait… If you replace the belt it may stop for a while but then the noise comes back. Whining noise when under acceleration There is also a slight whining noise (almost like a gear whine) that is only audible at higher speeds (50 and up) and only under acceleration. So typically 750(idle) to 1000 rpm only. Not a whining type noise although I do hear a whistle when at idle. 0 liter ecoboost with the standard issue automatic Whining noise: accelerating in first. The sedan does not do this. 7-liter EcoBoost Register Log In Home Page and Articles Forums Mechanical/Maintenance Forum Honda Accord acceleration "whine" Forums Active Threads Forum Help Pennzoil Synthetics Recent Topics Ford Fiesta Automatic Transmission Fixes. Maintenance Shop. Also the battery does not seem to be as fully charged as normal; only about half the bars are appearing. Whining Noise When Accelerating Sign in to follow this . It would accelerate faster with the torque converter ENGINE PINGS OR KNOCKS WHEN ACCELERATING. whining for I am noticing a whining noise when accelerating (in 4th and 5th gear particularly) and stops once I take my foot off the juice. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Whining noise while slightly accelerating with rpm between 1700 and 2000 Welcome to Honda Odyssey Forum : Odyssey Minivan Forums – General discussion forum for Honda Odyssey Welcome to Honda Odyssey Forum : Odyssey Minivan Forums - a website dedicated to all things Honda Odyssey. I have a 04 Kia sorento lx rwd 5 speed. Why wpould you hear a whining noise from your car only when gear engaged and accelerating not while coasting etc not really any noise on deceleration either it is an automatic transmission? Friction in the transmission system may cause whining noise when acar is accelerating. Discussion in '3rd When accelerating I get a high pitched whine in 3rd gear around 2,000 to 2,300 or so RPM. Insufficient lubrication can lead to friction between different moving parts. Loss Of Power While Driving. everything seems to work well on the car and it drives nicely ecept when i accelerate. 4L with FX4. You can check this by driving at a constant 20 mph The noise sounds like a small dog whining (sounds stupid but thats the best description I can give) and occurs when Im pushing the car a bit as I change up the gears (i. 4l triton is making a high pitch whining noise all the time its all on RPM and gets louder when i accelerate. the truck has about 140k on it. Humming noise while accelerating and Whining When I'm shifting into 1st, then to 2nd, there seems to be a metallic/tinny rattle & whine when accelerating, and a bit of a "clunk" sound when performing the actual shift. I can only think of that or if you have an aftermarket exhaust of some sort perhaps it's that, now that I went custom with mine sometimes when I let off the gas after just accelerating, there is a "gurgle" sort of noise that comes from the exhaust. 4 tdci, there is a metal grazing sound from the engine bay. i never noticed it before, it sounds like a whirring noise, some what electrical and it gets higer pitched when i accelerate. The best way I know to describe it is to imaging you are driving on pavement with little lines cut into it. Whining noise when accelerating I just purchased a used 2002 Forester with new timing belt, clutch and head gaskets but I noticed a whining noise when I accelerate that wasn't obvious on the test drive. 2010 Limited EcoBoost I have the same issue with mine. It's making a loud whine-like noise when I accelerate. 2015 Ford Mustang GT Premium 6MT- Magnetic Metallic Exterior w/ Redline Premier Interior. turbo whine at start f150 ecoboost. It does it when stationary in nuetral when reving the engine as well, best way I can According to the national highway traffic safety administration, there has been approximately 1,000 complains related to the performance of Ford EcoBoost. After about a month of owning the Escape, I noticed it making a high pitched whining noise when accelerating. So I had my cousin listen to it and I told me to check the heat shield. 2000 Chevy Camaro Resonance/whine noise. Loud clank accelerating from low speeds and brake Lincoln MKC Forum > 2015+ Lincoln MKC Tech / Performance Section > Engines Discussion > Lound Engine Noise when accelerating 2. 8L and it's always had a whine to the engine upon acceleration or revving. In this article, we will show you several possible causes and also discuss different treatments or precautions to solve this issue and enjoy the comfort of a long drive. It hasn't become worse, but I am keeping a close eye on it. Discussion in 'Colorado Diesel Mechanical' started by Shawn, Mar 22, 2018. ecoboost owners experiencing acceleration problems might want to read this !!! I have a 2011 F150 with a 3. Post to Facebook Cancel Send. but you know, once you notice it you worry. Cold start squeaking noise in engine. 5 EcoBoost. It is actually the first one I have ever Question Whining Noise coming from Engine Discussion in ' The gas pedal is the "volume button" for the noise - same accelerating as does in park. 0 and you can make it louder by slightly accelerating and deaccelersting. I am now hearing a whining noise coming from where the transfer case is, right next Threads Tagged with acceleration. Also my ram used to whine upon acceleration and i ended up having to replace the rear axle because of the gears grinding out. It is the turbo's spooling up. Even when its in This might sound like a stupid question, but what sort of whining, and does it seem to come from one side or the other? Whining noise coming from the KJ when I drive a '94 3000GT SL and this whining noise started coming from my car a few nights ago. Manual Transmission Rattling Noise When Accelerating Hey all lately I have been noticing a rattling noise as I accelerate in 2nd and 3rd Before I forget it is an 87 yj 4. Ford EcoBoost. as i accelerate in 1st i would hear a whining noise. 2 has a whining noise. I wonder if that whistling sound is louder and more noticeable in the 1. I then The serpentine belt is the most common cause for whining sound when accelerating, try to understand if noise is coming from serpentine belt. 75 Makes whining noise when accelerating. I also noticed that when I put the gear in reverse, it banged roughly into reverse, which I know cannot be normal. 2016 Edge whining noise Images. I also noticed steering makes a noise as well. You only notice it in 1st thru 3rd. Register Log In Home Page and Articles Forums Mechanical/Maintenance Forum Honda Accord acceleration "whine" Forums Active Threads Forum Help Pennzoil Synthetics Recent Topics BMW 330 74K miles auto , when accelerating makes whining noise. I can hear it while accelerating when in neutral and when driving up until the 3rd gear. This is my first Mustang ever. I have a 2007 F-150 Supercrew and started hearing the same sound about a month ago. I self changed the CVT Fluid oil last week and the car is back to normal accelerating like new with no whining sound. Hey guys, new here and I just got a 2011 5 spd gts and I'm noticing a whining noise. Whining noise from the front when driving So I hear a whining noise when driving. The EcoBoost has the ability to move MORE air and fuel through you can hear the intake whine AT IDLE. 2012 F150 Ecoboost FX4 CCSB FX4 2011 F250 6. Timing chain noise or Cam Phaser noise 5. Causes of a High Pitched Whining Noise in a Ford Lincoln Navigator. A friction in the mechanism of the car transmission would lead to unusual noises. So, if your car does end up whining, finding the faulty moving part can get a little tricky. loud humming noise when accelerating and decellerating Hi guys I'm new to this site, I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer EXT Lt and although i love it, Ive had one problem after the next my current problem just came about a couple of days ago, Ive been trying to figure out whats going on but i need some suggestions. This sound is most noticeable on acceleration and changes on deceleration. This seems to be the only time I hear it, not while accelerating, so I want to rule out the transmission but it may be a drivetrain problem. SZ55. I've driven several turbo cars over the years and this is the loudest I've ever heard that sound in a car straight from the factory. car bucking during acceleration after manual shift Hi guys I have a 08 BMW 320i e90 and when I sit inside the car and accelerate and moving at increased speeds, I hear this whining noise. I've seen the whine come in with a bad diode in the alternator causing some ripple that you Humming noise when accelerating and A/C on. So my 2012 SX is about 3 weeks old now and I have noticed an engine whine that I thought previously was from the transmission. 2000 Sunfire whining when accelerating Coldness and hard cornering while accelerating (like when you pull out of a driveway onto a highspeed road) both make the whine much louder. 3L GTDI ecoboost. Noticeable whilst accelerating and slowing. Have about 20 hours on the machine . Is it just the ecoboost Google search; VB search anytime I accelerate lightly I know what turbo whine sounds like, having had a few diesel trucks with turbos. I know it sounds daft but that was the cause!=====You say you replaced 1 bearing,i think you should always replace the 2 at . . 4 tdci noise when accelerating. I changed the alternator and serpentine belt. Have A Loud Whining Noise Coming From Engine When Accelerating. The noise is louder when applying the brake. 5L ecoboost with 215,000Km’s as of today. There is also no reason why the Ecoboost should have matched the Ram 1500 in flat trailer acceleration. Whirring/Whining Noise when Steering & Accelerating! My CR-V has been having this issue where it will make a whirring/whining noise (sounds like "Reeeeee") when I turn the steering wheel in "D" or "P", and when I accelerate. Driving mostly in the mountain and sometimes quite steep trails Now it got some whining noise Water softener turbine whining noise? Asked Nov 29, 2011, 10:47 AM — 3 Answers When water is turned on in the house, the softner emits a whinning noise. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. 5L ecoboost) and began to sputter, shake, and decelerate. My 98 Dak has an odd noise. The belt is first suspect. Shows what 93 extra horses will do. Followers 0. The whine is constant with speed and acceleration or Automotive → High pitched whine when accelerating. Whining Noise When He installed a new one and after driving 4-5 km the new one also began making that siren noise, this time not as loud as the first one. It feels as if you are going over small flaws in the pavement. I also have a 3. It sorta sounds like a blower The owner said not to worry,all T5 trannys have a gear whine. 9 Sport 4x4 shortbed- anyone ever have a whining noise while accelerating almost sounds like a supercharger on a We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Also check power steering belt under steering column, and also the rotor and chain, thei do not make whining noise , but can make noise when accelerating. -chirps constantly-squeals constantly-squeals when wet or moist outside-squeals when cold-or any combination of the above. This would automatically cause a screeching/whining noise each time you press the accelerator. Ford Fiesta - 1. it's more pronounced on the freeway. 7 Lariat Ult CCSB FX4 (sold) 2009 F250 6. I put tranny fluid in and it did not make the sound go away. The Gearhead Difference Roll the window down under acceleration and a screeching turbo whine is distinctive. Sent! A link has been sent to your friend's email address. 2. Diagnosing Grinding Noise When Turning Your Car about what could cause the unsettling grinding noise when accelerating or turning. Best Answer: The obvious thing is a wheel bearing,however i had a focus a couple of years ago with this problem. I have a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 liter 4 by 4, when I start accelerating my truck is fine but as I level out in speed around 30 to 40 miles an hour I get a humming whine from the floorboard that doesn’t go away until I come to a complete stop. 2007 Prius Whining Noise From Engine Compartment (Proportional To Acceleration) Feds probe Ford F-150 EcoBoost for acceleration issues. quickly familiar with a subtle whine from the transmission, especially in reverse. ecoboost whining noise when acceleratingWhining noise during hard acceleration. It's not the transmission. doesnt stop till the car is cooled off. When you turn the steering wheel on your Mercedes-Benz you may hear a loud squeaking or weird whining noise. Dec 31, 2011 at 5:20 PM #1 Diagnose Underhood Engine Noises. I'll go again to have the turbo off and see what has happened. whining noise when coasting stethoscope and with the car off the ground and wheels moving listen around for any unusual growling/grinding/ or whining noises. Oil Change and Filter Ecoboost 3. by Jen Davis . On mine, the AC noise is different from the whining noise while accelerating. It will change pitch on RPM and doesn't get worse or better when moving or tranny engaged. While merging into traffic on the expressway today in miami, at about 35 mph, I had to accelerate to get out of the merging lane, at which time (for the third time since I bought the truck in 2011) the truck lost all power to the engine (a 3. Honda Odyssey 2003 makes squeaking noises on cold Re: Whining metallic knocking noise coming from engine when accelerating Originally Posted by gadge The six speed gearbox is the imfamous M32 box which has a terrible reputation for poor reliability but there are tell tale signs such as the gear stick moving as you accelerate or the whining only happening in 5th and 6th. When accelerating pump speed increases and possible whine stops. uniqs The whining noise goes with the RPM of the engine, except at idle I can't hear it (not saying it isn't still doing it though). It isn't until ~50 MPH that the sound dies down, and even then it's still audible, just quieter. Also engine missing when sudden acceleration desired from Total Stop. 05-07-2017 11:30 PM by Feckl. Just replaced the viscous fan so all quiet now apart from the whining noise. 2002 Silverado 4x4. Ford: on some trucks, on hard acceleration, after extended drive at highway speeds, an intermittent stumble and/or misfire may occur, during extreme humid or damp conditions. As the title says, when i startup the vehicle it has a very loud whining noise. 04 ford 5. A good auto technician will have an indication as to what’s going on with the mechanicals, but a short test drive will confirm it. I don't hear it if it's at parked and I'm revving the engine and pressing accelerator. > Towing a Toy Hauler with a F150 Ecoboost This The F150 developed a whining noise upon acceleration and after having it at 2 different Ford dealers for over a 2013-2014 Ford F150 3. strange noise when accelerating fast? Post by willunger » 23 Mar 2012, 05:23 I just purchase a 2001 v70 xc with 150,000 miles on it. 407. Maybe the wife surprised you with a supercharger under the hood last night while you were 2015 Escape Whistling Noise When Accelerating. Acceleration whining noise. Put on headphones. 5L EcoBoost V6 off from making more power, especially if you've stacked on other modifications and tuning. Engine Almost Stalls When Accelerating. Its kinda like the whine a bad power steering pump makes, but it isn't that (I don't have to turn the wheel to make the noise). this has occurred several times especially when the weather is damp. So this is my first post, as im pretty new to the site. any help Whining noise when turning wheel and accelerating A couple days later I started hearing a whining wahwahwahwah noise which I assumed was the cv axle going bad. That includes a $2,400 premium over Ford’s 3. Coldness and hard cornering while accelerating (like when you pull out of a 2000 Sunfire whining when accelerating Sometimes if the noise is gone without the The acceleration was fine each time, but the last time I noticed a whine above the sound of the engine. I also didn’t have my AC on when I first started noticing the noise. 4l triton is making a high pitch whining noise all the time its all on RPM and gets louder when i accelerate. Does your SI make this whistling/whining noise when accelerating? Discussion in ' Civic Si Forum (10th Gen) ' started by davemarco , Jan 12, 2018 . 2013 Ecoboost whine. capable of bringing the vehicle to a complete stop in heavy traffic and then accelerating back up Smoke from your exhaust explained Smoke coming from exhaust when accelerating? Every now and again, our cars try to tell us something by bellowing clouds of smoke out of the exhaust. Whinning Noise When Accelerating My car be having whining sounds When I roar up the Engine either before I drive or while drivingWhen driving about 80 mph or little more over for a period of time my car feels like it's losing energy as it decelerate as I accelerate the car I have a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 liter 4 by 4, when I start accelerating my truck is fine but as I level out in speed around 30 to 40 miles an hour I get a humming whine from the floorboard that doesn’t go away until I come to a complete stop. If it only whining on acceleration its more likely to be gearbox/diff noise than wheel bearings, they tend to whine all the time but will change according to the load on the faulty bearing as when cornering. Their small diameter and inefficient factory catalytic converters choke your 3. It has 136,xxx miles on it. I'm hearing this whining noise when I decelerate. I had it for 4 years and was already 3 years old when I bought it. 6 than other ecoboost engines. 0-second 0-to-60-mph acceleration time for the Flex with EcoBoost. Username 2014 Ecoboost Noise. Engine Noise - Only when accelerating. just Strange noise when accelerating As stated by previous posters, don't underestimate the vacuum system to the IWE (Integrated Wheel Ends). 5-liter EcoBoost V6 and $4,000 over the 2. my truck only has a little over 75k view details; oct 24, 2017 - broomfield, co - engine loss of power towing boat up a hill on highway. The thumping started out slight and has progressively grown in intensity. Whenever I accelerate or just sit there it has a loud whining noise coming from the engine. When driving I can hear a whining noise. 6 and DEFINITELY hear the noise; early on, I thought something was wrong. I'm assuming it is coming from the CVT and only hear it during heavy acceleration. NOW i can hear this whining noise coming from the engine when accelerating. *pe See real-world Ford F-150 transmission problems and repair histories as reported by other Ford F-150 owners. whining noise when accelerating . Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by SZ55, Sep 17, 2018. 7L V6 Specific Topics Humming/Whining sound accelerating 2013 f150 - Ford F150 Forum - Forums and Owners Club Ford F150 Forum - Forums and Owners Club > Ford F150 Forum - Help Zone - Ford F150 Problems, Complaints, and Solutions > 7TH Generation Ford F150 – 2009 to Present Ford F150 Trucks 2012 Ford Escape making a whining noise when I accelerate. Whining noise during hard acceleration. It goes off later. When accelerating or slowing down In gears 1 and 2 I get a whine, the whine disappears when I depress the clutch, I thought it could be a wheel bearing so took it to the local garage, who said it looks like the bearing is on its way out but to comeback when it gets worse. Since the 3. It isn't terribly loud the point passengers would be terribly bothered by it, but when I'm in it all the time, I notice things like this. noise, rises and drops with engine noise, it may be normal and I've never noticed it. At approximately 12,600 miles on my newly purchased vehicle, I experienced brake vibration, a hesitation and jerk in transmission at low accelerating speed or slowing down and then accelerating, and a loud whining noise from rear end between 60-65 miles per hour. It seems whenever I accelerate I hear a hissing noise coming from the engine and was Does the turbo make a noise when accelerating ? as you hear the whining Whining when accelerating Discussion in ' The 2002 Ford Explorer has a problem with the rear differential and it makes more a humming noise than a whining. I'm wondering if you're hearing what I'm hearing I've been noticing that for the last few weeks now My noise (mainly at low speed and 1st gear) bears a resemblance to the whine you get when your power steering pump is working hard in a turn. it only happens around 70 and above while accelerating. 4L with FX4. The noise is a common problem, with Mercedes Benz E-Class, S-Class, C-Class and ML-Class and it is most noticeable when you first start up the car. org, The New Era in Mazdaspeed, CX-7 & Ecoboost Forums! Forums > Mazdaspeed 3 Section (2007-2013) Not just when it is under acceleration. 12-14-2018 05:32 PM by DarrinT04. Does not make the noise when in park - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. -squeals when accelerating. N. Engine Noise accelerating. Ford Flex Forum Ford Flex Forums Powertrain I picked my vehicle up and started noticing a whining noise when driving at slow speeds. A whining noise may occur as a result of low power steering fluid, a transmission problem or bad wheel bearings. 2l 5 speed manual transmission and I believe it. It seems to increase/decrease in pitch when I accelerate/slow down. 0 liter ecoboost with the standard issue automatic Hi All, My Mk4 2. 1998 Nissan Altima Whining Noise. Discussion in 'Stock 1995 My truck will make a whining noise when I accelerate and cruise- around 50 mph at 1800 RPMS My 2012 Ecoboost is making the exact same noise under acceleration and it sounds like it's coming from the passenger side also. will serve at least as good in See real-world Ford Fusion engine problems and repair histories as reported by other Ford Fusion owners
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